Malazgirt Mini VTOL

General Info
Malazgirt Mini Unmanned Helicopter System is a complete autonomous flying robotic system solution. With its automatic vertical landing/take off and anytime anywhere automatic hovering capability makes it a very attractive choice especially in geographically harsh environmental conditions. Fielded since 2006, Malazgirt Mini Helicopter UAV System is the world’s first operational mini unmanned helicopter system.
Advanced Features
Portable GCS For Mini Helicopter UAV System
3 Axis Multifunction Joytick
Membrane Button Panel
Ruggedized Touchscreen Laptop
Ground Control Interface
Auto Tracking Antenna Control Interface
Advanced Features
Autonomous Takeoff
Autonomous Landing
Autonomous Hover
Autonomous Waypoint Navigation
Autonomous Hover With Heading Hold
Without Heading Hold
Autonomous Waypoint Tracking With
support of INS/GPS
Autopilot Assisted Joystick Control
Rotor Span 1.8 m
Length 1.2 m
Operational Range 20 km
Operational Altitude 3,600 ft
Endurance 90 Min / 35 Min
Payload Day Camera System
Thermal Camera System
2 Axis Stabilization System
Precise Target Coordinate Estimation
Communication System Spectrum Telemetry and Telecommand
Data Link
Video Link System