Bayraktar Tactical UAS

General Info

Bayraktar Tactical UAS is a Medium Altitude Long Endurance class system developed for tactical reconnaissance and surveillance missions. Prototype Development Phase started within 2007 based on competition model. Bayraktar Tactical UAS with its critical all subsystems including Flight Control, INS-GPS, Automatic Take Off-Landing systems developed in house demonstrated fully automatic taxi, take off, cruise, landing, parking phases in 2009 and was selected as the winner of the program. Final production stage officially started in 2012.

Flight Performance Characteristics
24,000 Feet Operational Altitude
24 Hours Endurance
150 Km Communication Range
Fully Autonomous Flight Features with Triple Redundant Flight Control System
Sensor Fusion Architecture
Advanced Features
Fully Automatic Flight System
Sensor Fusion Aided Precise Take Off and Landing System
Autonomous Taxi, Parking
Semi Auto Modes
Flight Tolerant Sensor Architecture
Triple Redundant Flight Control System
Onboard Storage
Redundant Servo Actuators
Redundant Power Architecture
Com.Range > 150 km
Cruise Speed 70 Knot
Operational Altitude 24,000 ft
Endurance > 24 hours
Wing Span 12 m
Length 6.5 m
TakeOff / Landing Runway (Automatic)
Max.Takeoff Weight 630 kg
Payload Capacity > 55 kg
Fuel Capacity / Type 300 Liter / Gasoline
Engine Type 100 Hp Internal Combustion Engine
(Gasoline Fuel) (Variable Pitch Propeller)
Technical Features
Map Interface (DTED Support) & Mapping Functions
Telemetry Screen
Flight Dynamics Settings
Flight Replay Features
On Screen Display, Headup Display
Real Time Image Processing
Server Client Architecture
Technical Features
Modular composite structure
Carbon fiber, Kevlar with Epoxy Resins
Main Fuselage
Sandwich Structure Wings, Tails
Tail Boom
Bladder Type Fuel Tanks
Retractable Nose Landing Gear
Fixed Rear Landing Gear
Technical Features
Nato Spec ACE-III Shelter Electric Power Distribution
Pilot Console Dual Military Grade Air Conditioner
Payload Operator Console NBC Filtration System
Image Processing Console Radio System
Rack Type Cabinets Intercom Systems
Power input filters

Avionics System is specifically engineered for Bayraktar Tactical UAS with the latest technological achievements in sensor and processor technologies. With our core capabilities based on flight control systems, all avionics system components are tailored to provide the maximum reliability and performance.

Technical Performance
Automatic Taxi
Automatic Take Off
Automatic Landing (No external aid)
Automatic Parking
Modern Nonlinear Control System Architecture
Advanced Sensor Fusion Technics
Nonlinear Extended Kalman Filtering for INS-GPS
Modern Stochastic Filtering
Hardware Components
Triple Redundant Flight Control System
Mission Computer System
Triple Redundant INS-GPS System
Lazer Altimeter Module
Radar Altimeter Module
Triple Redundant Pitot-Static System
Engine Control and Monitoring System
Redundant Servo Actuator Units
Air Data Terminal Systems
Redundant Power Systems