Bayraktar Tactical UAS

“TB2 BAYRAKTAR is a tactical UAV, however its performance in the theater make it get through one level up to the MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) class. At the moment, 38 BAYRAKTAR armed and unarmed versions of TB2 BAYRAKTAR have been dominating Turkish Airspace in terms of reconnaissance and surveillance. This a kind of cultural revolution for the Turkish Security Forces (TSF). TB2 BAYRAKTAR UAV has been significantly playing role in this process. It is clearly said that TB2 BAYRAKTAR has already been“combat proven”. It has reached a level of success far beyond its peers.”

Bayraktar Mini UAS

“BAYRAKTAR Mini UAV is a complete robotic combat proven solution for short range reconnaissance and surveillance. Mini UAV System can be used for the following tactical missions at the brigade level and below Near and far base security, point and area surveillance, road security, limited border security, search mission, night patrol, target detection and artillery Forward Observer.”

Command and Control Systems

“Baykar designs, manufactures and develops the State of the Art Systems such as Command and Control systems and sub-systems such as Shelters, Consoles, Rack Type Cabinets, Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Monitoring and Command Modules, Command and Control Software and User Interface Software.”

Avionics Systems

“Avionics Systemsareoriginally designed for Bayraktar Tactical UAS using the limits of the technologies in sensors and processorsarea. Our core capabilities have concentrated on flight control systems and all avionics system components in order to provide the maximum reliability and performance.”