Company Profile

Baykar was established in 1984 by Mechanical Engineer Ozdemir Bayraktar during the indigenization of Turkey’s automotive industry. Funded entirely with domestic funds, Bayraktar began manufacturing spare automotive parts like pumps, gear box parts, and precision engines. By the early 2000s, Baykar seized upon a paradigm shift being experienced in the aviation industry and expanded research and development activity into unmanned aerial vehicle technology.

Baykar today plays a critical role in pioneering the unmanned aerial system (UAS) market in Turkey. It develops and manufactures not just an integrated solution, but also sub-systems to ensure complete “indiginization” of UAS tech. It is a prime mover in the build-up of the Turkish defence industry. Baykar R&D also prides itself on its highly collaborative, professional culture, where teams are encouraged to continue their education while working and to engage in interdisciplinary work as much as possible.

Baykar’s first major UAV milestone came with the Bayraktar Mini UAV. Turkey’s first exported UAS, the Bayraktar Mini UAV was entirely developed in house and adopted into the Turkish Armed Forced inventory in 2007.

Baykar’s second major milestone was the development of the TB2, tactical-class UAS which came to market in 2012. By 2014, the TB2 hit a record of 24 hours of consecutive flight and reached over 27,000 feet in flight, setting records in Turkish aviation history, still upheld by the TB2 in this flight class.

Baykar will continue to lead the Turkish aerospace industry and grow rapidly with new products and technology in the years to come.